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TC01 in Delta and TenneyTC02 Temperature Controller

The TC02 temperature controller is a digitally controlled, single-channel, ramping, temperature controller with dual PID control. Programming can be easily performed from the front panel or remotely using the IEEE-488 (GPIB)/RS232 remote interface. The TC02 was electrically and mechanically designed to be incorporated into temperature chambers manufactured by companies such as Delta Design, Inc. and Tenny Engineering but can easily be installed into other temperature chambers as well.

The TC02 can be controlled using the 22-key keypad and local programming capabilities. The controller has a BASIC-like command set including FOR-NEXT loops for executing multiple cycles. It may store one local program that may be entered from the front panel or uploaded from a host computer through either the GPIB or RS232 interface. Non-volatile memory allows local program storage when power is removed from the controller. The local program can be run immediately or programmed to run at a particular time of day.

Remote communication is easily performed by sending, receiving ASCII text commands to enter set points, wait times, query temperature readings etc. Remote interrupts are sent (if enabled) to provide status informations such as when a soak time has expired, an upper or lower temperature limit is exceeded, a local program has terminated etc.

Also available are (5) extra open collector, 5V, 100mA outputs for turning on solid state relays and (2) TTL inputs for reading on/off state (of switch/relay contacts). These bit I/O can be easily controlled using convenient IN/OUT commands via the front panel or remote interface. One analog output is provided and is configurable to either drive a chart recorder, output the PID control values or output 0-5V through the OUT command. A failsafe input is also provided (as a safety feature), that, when asserted (typically through an over-temperature bimetal switch) will turn off all outputs including HEAT/COOL and notify user that a failsafe condition has occurred.

Along with the TC02 controller, we include an I/O board with (1) 25A relay and (2) 2A relays and a (2) terminal strips to allow the user to connect to the chamber's heater(s), fan and cool valve. The I/O board can be configured to operate at 110VAC or 220VAC via removable jumpers. Also included is a remote interface panel that allows communication with the controller using either RS232 or GPIB. The TC02 will accept thermocouples (J,K and T type), RTD, Solid State sensor as well as voltage and current inputs.

TC02 Controller Specs

Power Consumption: 35 Watts
Input Voltage: 110/220 +- 10% (selectable on I/O board)
Line Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 4.75" (W) x 9" (H) x 4.5" (D)
Temperature Set Point Range: Full range of probe selected
Time at Temperature Range: 1 sec. to 100 hours or continuous
Ramping rate Control: .01 degC/min up to max heat/cool rate of chamber
Programmable Set Temps and Times: Limited by memory, typically 100 segments
Absolute Error (not including probe error): +- .25 deg C
Long Term Stability (per month): +- .2 deg C
Temperature Resolution: .02 deg C
Line Voltage Sensitivity: +- .1 deg C for 10% line change
Local Junction Compensation (5 to 45 deg C): .05 degC/degC
Programmable Temperature Loop Control: 1 to 65,535 FOR/NEXT loop execution for 10 loops,
nesting supported
Temperature Control Technique: PID algorithm, PWM or analog out
Local Operation: 22 key keypad, 2 x 16 LCD
Remote control: IEEE-488, RS232, RS422/485
Additional I/O: 5 auxiliary TTL outputs, 2 auxiliary TTL inputs, 1 analog output channel
Safety Features: Open/short probe detection, upper/lower temperature limits, failsafe input
Convenience Features: Heat/cool enable/disable switches, battery-backed memory for
local program storage & TOD clock, configuration menu, remote interrupt operation

RTD (.385 or .392): -200C to +325C
J thermocouple: -200C to +760C
K thermocouple: -200C to +1250C
T thermocouple: -200C to +325C
Solid State: -60C to +160C
Voltage: 0 to 5 Volt
Current: 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20mA