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MATLABSun Systems has developed MATLAB m-files for IEEE488 (GPIB) communication with all of Sun's environmental chambers and process controllers. These m-files were developed using the GUIDE (GUI Development Environment) available in MATLAB 6.5 to facilitate creation of m-file applications with a graphical interface. The sample m-files can be used alone as a GPIB communication tool, for plotting of temperature data or they can be used as a guide in developing user specific m-files.

Download M-files (zip format):

EC127, EC1X, EC0X, PC1000, PC100, PC100-2, TC02, TC01

  • MATLAB 6.5 or greater with the Instrument Control tool box (available from MathWorks)
  • IEEE488 interface card, cables
Installation Instructions:
  1. Download the zipped folder appropriate for your controller type.
  2. Unzip and store the folder into the MATLAB folder of your choice.
  3. Add the downloaded folder to the MATLAB path.
  4. At the MATLAB prompt, type the chamber/controller type (i.e EC1X, PC100, etc...).