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RS232 Demo for Windows

Chartrs232 applicationThis RS232 application can be used as a tool for local program editing and storage as well as data logging and temperature charting. There are two versions available - one for the EC0X model chambers and TC01 controller - and one for the EC1X model chambers, TC02 and PC series controllers.

All that is required to run the application is a PC running Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, Win 7 and an available RS232 port and an RS232 cable (available for purchase from Sun).


EC1X, EC127, EC1.3W, PC1000,PC100,PC100-2, TC02

EC0X, TC01

  • PC running Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, Win 7
  • Available RS232 COM port (or serial to ethernet device as described in the following paragraph)
  • RS232 cable (null modem configuration, available for purchase from Sun)

Options for PC's with no RS232 COM port

For customers with PC's that have no serial port, there are several options available. A USB to RS232 adaptor can be purchased separately to allow interfacing with the chamber's serial port. Alternatively, a serial to ethernet device such as the LANTRONIX UDS1100 can be used to connect a Sun chamber/controller to a LAN (Local Area Network). Download this guide on how to use a lantronix UDS1100 device to connect a Sun chamber/controller to a LAN.