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TC03 1/16 DIN Temperature Controller


The TC03 is a 1/16 DIN microprocessor-based single channel, temperature controller that is capable of monitoring and controlling temperature in applications such as environmental chambers, furnaces, ovens etc. The small, lightweight, controller fits in a small panel (1.78" x 1.78" opening) and features a simple to use 3 button, 2x16 LCD, back lit interface and has remote control capability using either RS232 or RS422.

The controller accepts K,J, T thermocouple or an RTD sensor as input and uses a PID algorithm with pulse width modulated TTL compatible outputs for driving heat,cool and circulation fan relays. Installation of the TC03 controller into a system is easily accomplished via the I/O board that will accept 110/220VAC power input for the TC03 controller and provide interfacing to SSR's via the 8 position terminal strip. In additon to a heat,cool and fan output, the controller also has a compressor output, auxiliary output, digital input as well as a failsafe input (typically from a safety sensor such as a bi-metal thermostat) that disables all outputs if asserted.

In addition to accepting a single segment (set point, ramp rate and soak time), the TC03 controller will accept up to 10 set points (SCAN temps), 10 ramp rates (SCAN ramps) and 10 soak times (SCAN times) and execute these up to 1800 cycles or indefinitely.

These set points can be entered either locally from the 3 button user interface or remotely via RS232 or RS422.
Upon completion , the temperature controller gives an audio and visual indication as well as an interrupt character remotely when time-at-temperature expires.


TC03 Controller Specs

Probe input type: K, J, T thermocouple, .385 or .392 RTD
Set Temperature Range: -199ºC to +314ºC
Number of Scan Set Temperatures: 10
Absolute Error Over Temperature Range: ± 1ºC
Temperature Control: ± .2ºC
Chamber Temperature Measurement Resolution: .1ºC
Temperature Display Resolution: .1ºC
Long Term Stability: ± .25ºC
Repeatablilty: ± .1ºC
Temperature Control Technique: PID algorithm - Pulse width modulation @ .5 Hz

Set Time-at Temperature Range .1-1800 minutes and continuous
Number of Scan Set Times: 10
Time-at-Temperature Resolution: .1 minute

Local Via 3 key keyboard, 4 LED (Time out, remote, heat,cool) and audible tone
Remote: RS232 or RS422
Interrupts:RS232 Interrupt ASCII "I"
Automatic Cycling of Programmed SCAN Time/Temp Sequence 1-1800 cycles and continuous.

Size: 4.44cm H x 4.44cm W x 12.57cm D (1.75" H x 1.75" W x 4.95" D)
Power: 2 Watts, 110/220 volts (switch selectable) 50/60HZ,

Heat output: TTL open collector, configurable for active low or high
Cool output: TTL open collector, configurable for active low or high
Auxiliary Output #1: Compressor output w/ time-out (TTL open collector) configurable for active low or high
Auxiliary Output #2: TTL open collector, configurable for active low or high
Auxiliary Input: TTL input w/pullup
Failsafe input: TTL input w/pullup. Active low.