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TC01 in Delta and TenneyTC01 Temperature Controller

The TC01 temperature controller is a microprocessor based, PID controller currently used in Sun's EC0X model temperature chambers. The TC01 controller has also been electrically and mechanically designed to be incorporated into temperature chambers manufactured by Delta Design, Inc. and Tenney Engineering Inc. or may also be easily installed into other temperature chambers and custom systems. The TC01 offers features and flexibility unmatched with analog controllers and was designed to be incorporated into modern computer systems or to stand alone as an intelligent local controller.
In the local mode the 16 key keyboard allows the operator to:


In addition, the temperature controller gives an audio and visual indication when time-at-temperature expires.

The remote mode of the TC01 allows all functions mentioned above to be executable via the IEEE-488 (GPIB) or RS232 bus. Audio and visual indications of time- at-temperature expiration is accompanied by an "interrupt" on the IEEE-488 bus and RS232 port. Local control can be enabled or disabled via IEEE-488 and/or RS232 commands. Two auxiliary outputs (TTL) are controlled by IEEE-488/RS232 to provide on/off control of external events (e.g.compressor). Local control can be enabled or disabled via IEEE-488/RS232.
An extra feature of the TC01 is its ability to act as a bidirectional IEEE-488 to RS232 interface. As such, commands are supported which allow ASCII characters to be input via the TC01 and IEEE-488 bus and sent out via the RS232 port, and vice-versa. This feature allows control and status of an RS232 compatible device or RS232 compatible user-installed hardware.

Installation of the TC01 into custom systems is easily accomplished via an 8 position terminal strip. Heat and cool outputs are switched
by triacs which in turn are controlled by the TC01 logic. See sample wiring diagram below. A retrofit kit is available for installation into Tenney Jr. systems.

TC01 Programming Examples

Single Set point example

soak at 85C for 30 min:

85 TEMP (enter 85C set point)
30 TIME (soak at 85C for 30 min.)

Multiple Set point example

Execute 10 cycles from -50C to 85C and
soak for 30 min. at each temperature:

-50 SCAN TEMP 0 (-50C set point)
85 SCAN TEMP 1 (85 C set point)
30 SCAN TIME 0 (soak at -50C for 30 min.)
30 SCAN TIME 1 (soak at 85C for 30 min.)
10 SCAN TIME - (execute 10 cycles)
SCAN TEMP SCAN TIME (start program)

TC01 Controller Specs

Set Temperature Range: -199ºC to +314ºC
Number of Scan Set Temperatures: 10
Absolute Error Over Temperature Range: ± 1ºC
Temperature Control: ± .2ºC
Chamber Temperature Measurement Resolution: .1ºC
Temperature Display Resolution: .1ºC below 200ºC & 1 ºC above 200ºC
Long Term Stability: ± .25ºC
Repeatablilty: ± .1ºC
Temperature Control Technique: PID algorithm - Pulse width modulation @ .5 Hz
Set Time-at Temperature Range 1-1800 minutes and continuous
Number of Scan Set Times: 10
Time-at-Temperature Resolution: .1 minute
Local Via 16 key keyboard, with red LED Time out & remote indicators and audible tone
Remote: *RS232-C 9600 Baud, IEEE-488 Bus
Interrupts: IEEE-488 Interrupt SRQ; RS232 Interrupt ASCII "I"
Automatic Cycling of Programmed SCAN Time/Temp Sequence 1-1800 cycles and continuous. ELECTRICAL/ MECHANICAL
Size: 23cm H x 12cm W x 11.5cm D (9" H x 4.75" W x 4.5" D)
Power: 2watts, 110/220 volts (jumper selectable) 50/60HZ,
Cooling Solenoid Control: 1 amp, 240 VAC @ zero cross
Heater Control: 15 amp, 240 VAC @ zero cross
Auxiliary Output #1: Compressor output w/ time-out (TTL open collector w/pullup)
Auxiliary Output #2: TTL open collector w/pullup
Auxiliary Input: TTL input w/pullup
Failsafe input: TTL input w/pullup. Active low default. Level Configurable

Temperature Controller - TC01 ModelTemperature Controller - TC01 Model