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Temperature Chambers - Expectorant Models

LN2/LCO2 Chambers offer fast ramp rates and extended temperature testing down to -184°C. Sun offers temperature test chamber sizes ranging from .37 ft3 to 6.16 ft3. Chambers are highly customizable to meet your testing requirements.

Vertically Stacked Ports

Temperature Chamber - Refrigeration Model

To save on coolant costs, we offer a single stage, refrigeration model. The model EC127 refrigeration chamber is ideal when testing within the -30°C to +200°C temperature range. Ramp rate is approximately 2° to 5° C per minute. LN2/LCO2 cool boost option available for faster ramp rate (~ 6°C to 10°C cool rate) and testing to -40°C.

Rack Collage

Test Chamber Racks

To conserve space when storing multiple temperature chambers, Sun offers 4 chamber EC01/10/11 racks, 2 or 3 chamber EC02/12/13 racks and an EC16 - 2 chamber rack.

Temperature Controllers

Process /Temperature Controllers

Stand alone programmable PID process controllers to control environmental variable such as temperature, humidity, vibration etc. Features include a user friendly menu-driven interface, remote IEEE-488/RS232 communication interface, auxiliary analog & digital I/O and more.

Retrofit Kits

Retrofit Controllers & Kits

The TC01 and PC100 controllers are available as a direct replacement for Delta and Tenney temperature chambers. Sun also offers TC01 and PC100 Tenney Jr Retrofit kits to replace the original control section in Tenney Jr models.

Sun Temperature Chamber Replacement Parts

Switching Matrix Door

For automated testing of 2, 3, 4 - leaded components, the EC10 and EC11 model temperature test chambers can be fitted with a Switching Matrix Door. The matrix door can hold up to 5 component cards. Each component card can hold up to 32 (2 leaded radial or axial) components or 16 (3 or 4 leaded components). The matrix door has a temperature test range of -184 °C to 200 °C.

Sun Temperature Chamber Replacement Parts Replacement Parts & Accessories

Sun provides full customer support for all of our products and we carry all replacement parts for our test chambers - including valves, heater elements, probes etc. We also carry accessories such as RS232 cables, LN2/LCO2 supply hoses and silicone port stoppers. Contact Sun for more info.