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Temperature Chamber - Over Temperature Protection

All of Sun's Temperature Cycling Chambers offer a failsafe protection mechanism to protect the chamber from thermal run-away or inadvertent entry of too high of a set point. Most of our chambers come standard with an easily adjustable (using a flat-head screwdriver), N.O (Normally Open), bi-metal thermostat that is wired to a breaker on the back panel of the chamber. When the air temperature inside the chamber exceeds the trip point of the thermostat, the breaker trips, removing all power from the heaters. The user is notified of this condition through a failsafe indicator/message on the chamber's display. Most of our chambers also have the option of having an Electronic Failsafe (Limit Module) installed in lieu of a bi-metal thermostat. The Limit Module, shown below, is mounted on the back of the chamber and continuously monitors the chamber air temperature. The limit module's temperature is continously displayed on the modules LCD. The module has both an adjustable upper and lower temperature limit. These limits are adjusted using a precision flat-head screwdriver and are displayed when the button for each is pressed. The RED button displays the upper temperature limit and the BLUE button displays the lower temperature limit. The module also has built-in GFI protection. The module will trip under three conditions: when there is an imbalance of current (>2A) to ground (GFI protection), when the limit module temperature exceeds the upper temperature limit setting and when the limit module temperature is less than the lower temperature limit setting. Check our Chamber Comparison Table to see the Over Temperature Protection option for each chamber.

Limit ModuleElectronic Failsafe
(Limit Module)
Bi-metal, N.O, Adjustable Thermostat