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TEMPERATURE CHAMBERS - Expendable Coolant Models


Expendable gas cooled temperature test chambers offer very fast ramping rates and extended temperature ranges down to -184°C (using LN2) and -73°C ( using LCO2), while allowing for precise control of work space temperature. These environmental chambers are less expensive and have negligible maintenance costs when compared to refrigerated chambers. These bench top temperature cycling chambers use convection style heating along with established PID controllers to achieve precise control of temperature with minimal temperature gradients throughout the work space. Most of our chambers can configured with a wide variety of options to facilitate your testing requirements.

LCO2 supply is typically available in 50 or 75 lb siphon cylinders pressurized at 850 psi, a 350 lb. dewar, or a bulk satellite system at 300 psi. The lower limit using LCO2 is -73°C. LN2 is available commercially in a 350 lb. dewar which can be set at pressures between 20 and 200 psi or alternatively, a bulk LN2 supply system, having a typical working pressure of 25 psi. The lower limit using LN2 is -184°C. We offer a wide variety of expendable cooling options to handle your coolant supply situation. Conversion from one coolant to another is typically inexpensive and can be done on-site.

We offer several styles of chambers at various sizes. To see which chamber style will suit your needs, please view our Temperature Chamber Comparison Table.

EC1X Temperature Chamber (-184°C to 315°C)

EC1X Temperature Chamber

The Ec1x model comes with the advanced TC10 controller which offers features such as a menu driven interface, non-volatile memory for local program storage, Basic like command set for executing complex temperature profiles, Analog and Auxiliary output, optional valve support such as auto line purge and 2 or 3 tank valves and more.

EC0X Temperature Chamber (-184°C to 314°C)

EC0X Temperature Chamber

The Ec0x model comes with the TC01 controller - a solid, reliable, digital PID controller. While less advanced than the controller found in the EC1x models, it is still capable of satisfying most temperature profile requirements. The chamber can execute a maximum of 10 temperature segments, up to 1800 cycles and can be controlled remotely through the IEEE--488/RS232 remote interface.

EC1.3W High Temperature Chamber (-184°C to 400°C)

EC1X Temperature Chamber

The EC1.3W offers all the same features of the EC1x model chamber, with the added capability of achieving 400°C. The 1.37 ft3 chamber has a working space: 14" (W) x 13" (H) x 13" (D) and comes equipped with a user adjustable electronic failsafe module with LCD read-out.

ETx Temperature Chamber (-184°C to 315°C)

ET1x Temperature Chamber

The ETx model comes with the PC100-2 controller which offers features such as non-volatile memory for local program storage, Basic like command set for executing complex temperature profiles, advanced PID control and more. Standard features include a window hinged door and (2) 2" circular ports.