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Overview of Sun Test Chambers

Temperature Test Chamber Comparison

Compare Sun's temperature test chambers based on controller type to assist in selecting which chamber will suit your needs.

Vertically Stacked Ports

Temperature Test Chamber Options

Sun chambers can be customized with a variety of options. View our comparison table to see which options are available for each model. Contact Sun for custom requirements or requests.

Rack Collage

TC10 Controller Description

The TC10 controller is our most flexible controller. It is used on all of our EC1x, EC1.3W, EC1xHA model temperature test chambers. Features include a user friendly interface, BASIC like programming of complex temperature profiles, IEEE-488/RS232 interface, Analog and Digital I/O, non-volatile memory for program storage & controller parameters; supports configuration for coolant options such as redundant, auto line purge and 2 or 3 tank valves.

Temperature Controllers

LN2/LCO2 Cooling

Information on LN2/LCO2 cooling and the various coolant options available on our EC1x model temperature test chambers.