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To facilitate your testing requirements, our temperature cycling chambers can be customized with a variety of options such as ports - which may be installed on the door or in unrestricted locations on the chamber - hinged and window doors, adjustable shelves, nitrogen gas purge with or without needle valve and cooling valve options such as LN2 auto line purge, LN2 Redundant, 3 tank LCO2 & 2 tank LN2, 2 tank LN2 etc. The options available on our EC1X are listed below. Please contact Sun if you have custom requirements.


  • Chamber Ports
  • Shelves
  • N2 Gas Purge
  • Window Doors
  • Electronic Failsafe
  • Chamber Racks
  • 3 tank LCO2 & 2 tank LN2
  • LN2 Line Purge
  • Redundant LN2 valve
Port Circular ports are available from 1" to 4" and may be installed on the left side and unrestricted areas on the right, top or bottom as well as the door.
Our chambers can also be equipped with one or more adjustable shelves. The shelf rack rests on clips which may be positioned from the bottom to the top of the work space as needed.
N2 gas purgeThe optional N2 gas purge with needle valve allows the user to provide a dry nitrogen atmosphere in the work space. Especially useful when running the chamber hot for extended periods of time.
All of our chambers can be equipped with a viewing window on the door.
Limit Module The Electronic Failsafe (Limit Module) is a reliable, user friendly failsafe mechanism. This module may be installed on the EC1X chamber and allows the user to set an upper and lower temperature limit trip point via two potentiometers located on the module. It features an LCD to display the upper and lower temperature limit trip point as well as the current air temperature inside the chamber. It also provides GFI (Ground Fault Interrupt) protection.
RackEC1AFor customers with multiple chambers that need to save space, we also manufacture a variety of racks for most of our chambers. We offer 4 chamber racks for our EC10/11 model chambers, 2 chamber racks for our EC12/13 model chambers, 3 chamber racks for our EC12/13 model chambers and 2 chamber racks for our EC16 model chambers. Our EC1A/11A model chambers come with rack ears for mounting in a standard 19" rack.
For extended testing at cold temperatures, we offer the 3 tank 850 psi LCO2 manifold and the 2 tank manifold for LN2.
LN2 auto line purge valve is an option available to automatically cool the LN2 supply line down to prevent evaporization of the LN2 before it reaches the chamber. This option is recommended for users with long LN2 supply lines - typically found on bulk LN2 supply systems.
In the unlikely event that the main LN2 cooling valve fails, a redundant valve will automaticaly shut down LN2 entering the chamber to protect product that is sensitive to extremely cold temperatures.