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Available Options

  • Blank Pull Off Door
  • Blank Hinged Door
  • Pull Off Window Door
  • Hinged Door With Window
  • Circular Ports
  • N2 gas purge w/needle valve
  • N2 gas purge w/o needle valve
  • Shelves
  • Line Voltage 110/220
  • LCO2/LN2 cooling
  • Magnetic door sensor
  • Matrix Door
  • 4 chamber rack

Valve Options

  • Auto Line Purge
  • LN2 2 tank
  • LN2 Redundant
  • LCO2 3-tank
  • LCO2 2-tank


The EC10 is an advanced temperature testing chamber intended for automated test system and laboratory applications. The .7 ft3chamber uses vertical air flow with convection style heating and has a temperature range of -184°C to 315°C (using LN2) and -73°C to 315°C (using LCO2). The EC10 model temperature chamber uses the advanced and extremely flexible TC10 controller to provide features such as non-volatile memory to store user temperature profiles and parameters, an additional probe (for monitoring and control of product temperature), adjustable ramp rate, power down restart, analog and auxiliary I/O. Built in IEEE-488 (GPIB), RS232/RS422 remote interfaces are standard features on the EC10 chamber. The chamber can function on it's own in an Automated Test Environment. Standalone operation is supported by a full function keyboard with a 2 line, 16 character LCD display. The electrically isolated chamber temperature and user temperature probe readings are normally displayed continuously and either probe may be used for control to ensure the proper temperature is achieved for the DUT. User programs are easily entered into the EC10 chamber using a BASIC like command set programming language and stored in non-volatile memory along with user adjustable controller parameters. Probe calibration procedures are built in using a local menu driven format and parameters such as the PID coefficients are adjustable from the keyboard and remote interfaces. In addition, alarm function and sound level, BAUD rate, interrupt assignments and other communication port options are configurable from the front panel using an easy, menu driven format.

EC1x Models

The EC10 can also be controlled remotely from the RS232/422 port or the IEEE-488 bus interface. As well as being displayed on the front panel, temperature readings are accessible from the IEEE-488 or RS232/422 interfaces as are commands for setting chamber temperature, ramping rates, soak time at temperature, temperature deviation limits, temperature upper and lower limits. Local programs may be uploaded/downloaded to the controller and special communication commands allow for communication to the analog and auxiliary I/O ports.

The chamber supports several safety features including a mechanically or electronically adjustable over temperature limit protection module, upper and lower software temperature limits, processor watchdog timer as well as open and short probe detection. The EC10 can also be equipped with a switching matrix door to allow measurement of up to 160 components.

The model EC10 benchtop temperature cycling chamber is designed to be adaptable to your system application. If you would like a quote or have special requirements, please call Sun Electronic Systems for solutions.

EC10 Temperature Chamber Specifications

  • Power: 1600 WATTS
  • Voltage (frequency): 110/220 VAC (50/60Hz)
  • Heat/Cool Rate: 30C/min
  • Air Flow: 60 CFM
  • Workspace Dimensions: 12"(W) x 9.75"(H) x 10.25"(D)
  • Overall Dimensions: 21"(W) x 16"(H) x 24"(D)
  • Volume: .7 cubic feet
  • Weight: 49 lbs.

Temperature Test Chamber - EC10 Model